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Sustainable Living in Mexico with Pickleball, School and more.


Land and Lots for Sale | Rancho de las Estrellas, Overlooking Lagunas de Chacahua,  Oaxaca, Mexico

Coastal Real Estate | Lagunas de Chacahua | MX

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Play Pickleball In Paradise!

"Serve, Smash, and Socialize:  The Ultimate Pickleball Community!"

At Rancho De Las Estrellas, we are creating a haven where the love for pickleball meets ecological living.


Boasting eight professionally maintained pickleball courts against the backdrop of Chacahua's natural splendor, our facility will provide the perfect setting for players to indulge in the thrill of the game while immersed in the captivating beauty of the surroundings.

But we offer more than just top-notch courts. Step into our vibrant oasis, and you'll discover a welcoming haven equipped with a pool, charming cafe, restaurant and pickle ball sporting goods shop stocked with gear.

Chacahua's consistently pleasant weather allows for a seamless blend of outdoor sports and leisure, making our pickleball center an ideal addition for sports enthusiast.

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NANDIA: Where Education Meets Inspiration

"Empowering Lifelong Learners: Education That Inspires Excellence and Personal Growth"

At Rancho De Las Estrellas we will embark on creating a Waldorf inspired education program that nurtures the inner essence of each child while fostering academic excellence through creative teaching methods.


Our approach cultivates a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, both within the classroom and through the observance of local culture. By embracing a variety of traditions and learning methods, we emphasize our shared humanity rather than differences in belief or custom. We seek to empower students to become lifelong learners who contribute meaningfully to their communities and personal journeys.


Escape to Nature and Tranquility

Escape to Chacahua's Paradise – Own Your Eco-Coastal Retreat and Help Us Create a Thriving Community.

Nestled on the very fringe of the pristine Lagunas de Chacahua National Park, Rancho de las Estrellas beckons those with a passion for untouched natural beauty, sustainable living and a keen eye for investment opportunities. This haven is a tapestry of vibrant mangroves, stunning vistas, and a beautiful lagoon surrounded by pristine beaches.

Chacahua continues to be a well-kept secret, but for those in the know, it's becoming renowned as a tranquil and idyllic go-to destination, especially among those seeking an escape to nature and to enjoy the beautiful beaches away from the bustling activity of the more populated coastal areas. Rancho de las Estrellas offers you a truly unique opportunity to own property in a serene up and coming coastal environment while still being affordable and accessible.


Chacauha: Mexico's Hidden Treasure

"Chacahua's Enchanting Beauty: Where Nature and Adventure Meet in Perfect Harmony"

A short walk, and you find yourself at the Zapotalito pier, the portal to waterways that cradle a diverse array of birds, flora, and fauna. The location is laid back,  charming and unspoiled– Chacahua is truly one of Mexico’s hidden treasures.


Yet, the allure of this place isn’t just in its lagoons.The meeting of lagoon and sea creates a diverse opportunity of adventures. Cast a fishing line into the sea, surf waves, boat out, or just enjoy the nice beaches.


Connect with Nature: Chacahua's Charms Await You

"Sieze the Opportunity: Secure Your Piece of the Enclave at Rancho de las Estrellas"

Beyond the unmistakable beauty and local charm, purchasing land at Rancho de las Estrellas is not just acquiring property – it's an investment in a location that is gaining in popularity, with plans in place for many extra amenities, such as a pool, hiking trails, night observatory, common spaces and much more.


With the rising allure of owning in Mexico and the increasing value of untouched paradises, the prospects of owning coastal land will continue to flourish. 

Don't just visit; belong. Consider this unique opportunity to own and build your dream getaway or Airbnb eco-rental in one of nature's most enchanting canvases and make a sound investment in tomorrow. Choose from the most attractive plots or inquire about larger land parcels available by the hectar.


Contact us today, and let Rancho de las Estrellas be both your sanctuary and a chance to realize your own vision of eco-living.


Discover the Allure of Chacahua: Invest in Serenity and Well-Bieng
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A Safe Haven for Investment in Mexico 

We understand that investing abroad can come with its uncertainties and apprehensions. However, Mexico, with its robust legal framework for property ownership and a thriving real estate market, has steadily emerged as a safe and reliable destination for international investments. 


The country's commitment to fostering a secure environment for foreign investors is evident in its progressive policies and transparent procedures. At Rancho de las Estrellas, we prioritize your peace of mind. From navigating the legal framework of ownership to understanding local customs, we stand by our potential buyers every step of the way. 


We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and secure investment process, allowing you to focus on the beauty and potential of your new property. Your trust is paramount to us, and we're here to guide, assist, and reassure you in making this exciting leap into the world of Mexican real estate.

Recognizing that each buyer is unique in their financial journey, we at Rancho de las Estrellas are committed to offering flexible financing options to suit your specific needs. Our aim is to ensure that the path to owning a slice of this paradise is as smooth and accessible as possible. 


Whether you're looking for extended payment plans or customized financing structures, we will work with you to design a solution that aligns with your aspirations and budget. With us, your dream property is not just a possibility but an achievable reality, made easier with financial flexibility.

Financing to Fit Your Situation:



Getting There

Rancho De Las Estrellas is 58 kilometers (33 miles)  from Puerto Escondido International Airport, about a 50 min drive by car, roads are in excellent condition.

Take The Next Step: Contact Us 

The lots have water and electricity services, each one ranges in size from 450 to 950 square meters, with ocean views or non-ocean views, lots start from 900 pesos x m² (around $50 US x m²). Some of the lots are located in front of the main road to Zapotalito are zoned for commercial use. There are also larger land parcels available by the hectar outside the lot subdivision.

Rancho de las Estrellas sits on a total of 50 hectares! So, you can be assured of a tranquil immersive natural setting with unobstructed views or unexpected encroachment.


There's no substitute for seeing the beauty and potential of the property in person. We invite you to reach out and schedule a visit at your convenience. 

We're eager for you to experience it firsthand and answer all your questions.  Don't wait for the stories; create your own. Contact us today!

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